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Explore the 4njbets betting markets

If you want a betting site that specializes in horse racing, then 4njbets is worth a look. The platform belongs to TVG, a cable television network that covers mainly live horse races. In September of 2022, the network was rebranded as FanDuel TV. However, the 4njbets brand stayed, regarding only the horse racing bets section.

The betting markets of 4njbets cover events and races from all over the world. If you check the racing schedule on the site, you will see that hundreds of races are available for betting every day. The events are divided into tracks, and every track usually includes eleven to twelve races.

It’s very easy to place sport bets on 4njbets. The betting site is very analytical with lots of information about each track and race. Some quick info about the tracks the punters can get are the total runners, the distance, and the type (dirt, synthetic, turf, etc.). Additionally, there is a clock that tells you when the next race starts, so you can place your bets on time.

In this article, you will see the betting markets the platform has to offer and which 4njbets bets are the most popular. Furthermore, you will learn how you can register on 4njbets but also great alternative horse racing betting sites in case you can’t. So, keep reading to learn about horse racing and the betting markets.


The best 4njbets bets per sport

To sign up on the site and start wagering on 4njbets betting markets, there are two ways. The first, and most common one, is directly through the website. On the top right of the home page, you will see the “Sign Up” button. Once you click it, you can fill in all the necessary personal information you will be asked for to complete your registration.

Unfortunately, sport bets on 4njbets are available only to New Jersey residents. So there is a geographical restriction for anyone who wants to open an account with the site. But you can overcome this limitation by using a broker. If you are not familiar with what a broker is, you can think of it as a middleman between you and the betting site.

For example, is one such service. If you register through the broker, you will have access to many betting exchanges and sportsbooks. Even though doesn’t support 4njbets, it offers access to a great alternative. Whitehorse is an excellent exchange with high odds. offering bets to many horse racing events worldwide.

Regarding the betting markets on 4njbets, these will satisfy any punter who wants to bet on horse races. Except for the races that are available for betting, punters will find many types of bets. Also, if you are a beginner, the platform provides a guide to help you get started. It’s a very useful way to learn how to place sport bets on 4njbets.


– Races available (354)

In 4njbets betting markets, you will find a large number of races from the United States. From the Racing Schedule section, you will see all the upcoming races and also some info about them. Regardless of the popularity of the race, the platform will probably include it in the schedule for betting.

You will find many known tracks in the betting markets of 4njbets. Along with the name of the track, you get how many jockeys are participating with their horses and the distance they will run. Moreover, you can see the race type. For example, the race type can be paced, claiming, trotted, etc. Also, you will get info about the surface of the track, like dirt, turf, etc.

Every track includes many races, usually over ten. If you click on the track you are willing to wager on, you will get a summary of the horse’s details for each participant. Additionally, you will see the offering odds for each horse, the name of the jockey, and also the trainer. Also, above the race card, you will find the available 4njbets bets for each race.

You will find races that take place on American tracks. Just to name a few, the Grand River, the Mountaineer, the Harrington Raceway, the Prairie Meadows, and many more. You will also find larger tracks where over 10 horses usually participate. One of the biggest tracks you will find to place your 4njbets bets is the Woodbine Mohawk Park.

Although American tracks are the most popular for betting, the betting markets on 4njbets include many tracks from various countries worldwide. European tracks are attracting lots of players like the French Marseille Vivaux and the German Mannheim. Great Britain also hosts many races on great tracks. Hamilton Park and Newton Abbot are excellent examples.

Nevertheless, there are more famous tracks outside the US and Europe to wager on. The 4njbets betting markets include the Funabashi track in Japan, the Albion Park in Australia, the Greyville in South Africa, etc. The list of tracks and races is huge, and you will find over 500 races every day to bet on.

– Vertical bets (Single Race) (464)

In horse racing, you will find many types of sport bets. 4njbets offers a wide variety of betting markets on vertical bets, which are the most common ones. In total, you can choose from a maximum of ten vertical bets to take advantage of the better possibilities or the higher odds. It’s safe to say that 4njbets bets have the best variety compared to other bookies.

Let’s start with the basics. The most popular bet on horse racing is the “Win” bet, where the horse you bet on must finish in the top position. Next, there is the “Place” bet. In this case, your horse must finish in the top two places in order to win your bet. The “Show” bet is similar to the previous ones. However, you will win if your horse finishes in the top three places.

If you want to try your luck further, the 4njbets betting markets offer more advanced types of bet. The “Exacta” bet lets you wager on the horses that you think will finish 1st and 2nd. To win the bet in this case, the horses must finish in the order you chose. In a “Trifecta” bet, you are able to bet on three horses and the exact order you think they will finish.

Similar to the “Exacta” and the “Trifecta”, is the “Superfecta” bet. In this case, you can bet on four horses and the places they are going to finish. The order of the horses must be exactly as stated in your bet if you want to win. The same logic applies to the “Super 5” bet, where you bet on five horses and guess their finishing order.

The betting markets on 4njbets include some special bets as well. The “Quinella” bet is like the “Exacta” bet we mentioned earlier. The difference is that the two horses you bet on can finish in either order. However, you won’t find this betting market available on all tracks. The only races that offer this bet are some of the ones that take place on American tracks.

In the “Omni” bet, you can select two horses to finish in the top three in any order. It is another special bet that you won’t find in all races. To be more specific, this market is only available for races on international tracks based in France, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Hong Kong.

The last one of the vertical bets in the betting markets of 4njbets is the “Trio” one. In this special bet, you pick three horses and expect to finish in the top three places in the race, regardless of the order. However, this market is even more limited than the previous ones because it is only accessible on a select number of tracks in France.

– Horizontal bets (Multi-Race) (213)

The sport bets on 4njbets include more markets. These are the horizontal bets, or Multi-race bets. As its name suggests, placing a horizontal bet requires you to select winners from a number of different races. There are five 4njbets bets that stand out as the most important for this category, and each one is relatively straightforward.

Firstly, you will be able to bet on “Double” or “Daily Double”. This means that you must choose two winners from two different races. The same applies to the other bets “Pick 3”, “Pick 4”, “Pick 5”, and “Pick 6”, where each number states the winners you must guess. All your choices must be from separate races.

In the 4njbets betting markets, you will also find the “Jackpot” bet. This can be combined with the previous bets, for example “Jackpot Pick 3”. But to win, you should be the only one to guess right. If there are more winners, then the jackpot prize pool is transferred for the next day.

For the multi-race sport bets on 4njbets, you are able to choose more than one horse per race. You will have a greater possibility of success if you do things in this manner. However, this will result in a significant increase in the cost of your wager.

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