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How to bet on the 4njbets live app

If you want to bet on horse racing through a modern betting platform, then 4njbets is the service you should look at. The site has been in the betting industry for many years, and now it’s a part of Fanduel TV, offering many live races via streaming. In general, the horse racing bookie offers a complete website with lots of betting markets at the highest odds possible.

But how does the betting platform perform when it comes to mobile betting? 4njbets has an excellent responsive website, which will satisfy all punters with its usability. In addition, when we talk about the 4njbets mobile experience, we don’t mean only mobile phones. A large number of players prefer to bet with their tablets, and the platform doesn’t fail there either.

The truth is that horse racing is a sport with lots of statistics and information about the tracks, the horses, and the jockeys. So it is perfectly normal to worry if all this info is going to show up in the proper way on a mobile device. Especially if you are used to betting on the platform through a computer, where you have all the available options in front of you.

In the coming paragraphs, you will see all the available 4njbets mobile betting markets. Additionally, you will learn if the mobile betting odds on 4njbets are similar to the desktop version of the platform. And finally, is the implementation of the betting site on mobile as good as the one you will find on the PC version? Keep reading to find out.


Get to know the mobile betting on 4njbets

-intro and registration

To access the 4njbets live app, you can do it via any browser on your mobile device. Furthermore, there is a dedicated app for iOS, so iPhone and iPad users can download it from the App Store. But how can you register an account on 4njbets mobile and start wagering on horse races?

The simplest way is by filling up the signup form you will find on the site. On the mobile version, you will see the sign up button on the top right corner of the home page. When you click it, the platform will ask you for some personal information. For example, your date of birth, your home address, your email and your phone number.

After you finish entering all your personal information, your account is ready to use. However, you might come across some geographical limitations that will prevent you from opening an account with the 4njbets live app. So, the best way to register with the top horse racing betting platform is by using a broker.

Through these betting agents, you can gain access to betting sites that you wouldn’t normally be able to. For example, through, you can have access to many bookies and betting exchanges like Betfair, Orbit Exchange, Fair999, and more. It also provides access to Whitehorse, an excellent 4njbets alternative for horse racing bets.


– mobile betting markets

As soon as you enter the 4njbets mobile application, you are ready to start betting. At your disposal, you will see races available for betting from all over the world. Hundreds of horse racing events are available on 4njbets mobile betting markets every day, divided into tracks. If you want to see the upcoming races to bet on, all you have to do is open the racing schedule.

The full schedule of upcoming horse races includes events from various American tracks, like Churchill Downs, the Dayton Raceway, the Hoosier Park, and more. Each track holds about 10 to 12 races every day, offering many betting opportunities to punters. But on 4njbets mobile betting markets you will find events from other countries as well.

European countries have some of the greatest horse racing tracks in the world. So it is natural for the 4njbets live app to include these races in the betting markets. The majority of the tracks come from Great Britain and France. However, you will also find tracks from Germany and Ireland to bet on.

The number of races in the 4njbets mobile betting markets doesn’t stop here, as there are more tracks from around the world. Australia is a country with many famous race tracks, like Redcliffe, Melton, and Gatton. Other countries that are also famous for their tracks and are available for betting are Korea, New Zealand, and Japan.

So what are the bets punters have for all these races? The 4njbets mobile betting markets have more than 10, giving the players all the possible available options. The classic bets you will find on the 4njbets live app are the Win, Place, and Show bets. But you might also try your luck with some more advanced wagers.

The mobile betting on 4njbets also offers markets like the Exacta, the Trifecta, and the Superfecta. If you want higher odds but in a more risky way, you can try the Quinella, the Omni, and the Trio bets. Super 5 is also a market available on the 4njbets mobile platform, where you must guess the right finish order of five horses in the same race.

For even more betting choices, you can try the Multi-race bets you will find in the 4njbets mobile betting markets. These are bets that involve picking the winner in a certain number of races that take place on the same track. For example, you have the Pick 3 option, where you bet on 3 winners of different races.

– mobile betting odds

Regarding the odds, the 4njbets live app offers the exact same odds you will find on the desktop version. The 4njbets mobile betting odds are fractional instead of decimal, and the payouts are certain. Let’s see some of the payoffs, based on a 2 euro stake. If you bet on 1-9, the payout is going to be 2.2 euros. Betting on 1-1 (even), your profit will be 2 euros, so the total payout will be 4 euros.

The 3-1 odds give a total payout of 8 euros, the 5-1 odds pay back 12 euros, etc. In total, on the platform you will find 28 4njbets mobile betting odds to wager on. You have to be careful, though, if a horse is taken out of the race, because the odds will change. However, if your horse is scratched, you will get a refund of your bet.

There is also the possibility of an unexpected change in the odds. For example, you may have placed a bet at 10-1 on a horse, and it may go off at 5-1. This might happen because of the pari-mutual system the platform uses. It means that the bettors play against each other, and at the end of each bet, the track holds a small commission. So, it’s not the bookie that fixes the 4njbets mobile betting odds, but the players.

– mobile betting features

The implementation of the 4njbets mobile version is excellent. The website has great responsiveness, whether you see it on your mobile phone or on your tablet. Moreover, it is designed in such a way that all the information you need is in front of you with just a glimpse. The great user interface also helps with the betting experience you will get.

By the time the betting site loads on your mobile device, on the top row you will see some links about offers, results, or races that are offered for quick bets. Additionally, there is a link to Fanduel TV, where you can see live horse racing events through streaming. Most of the viewable races are streamed in high quality.

In the next row, you will see the races that are about to start. In that way, you can bet on them faster without the need to check the racing schedule. Next, you will see the most popular races of the day. Moreover, if you are a beginner to horse racing, you might get an idea of the horses participating in each race with some special picks from the site.

You will also see the top stakes pools of the day. Since you bet against other punters, it is always good to know on which track the most stakes are played. If you bet on a track with a low stakes pool, then your bet might not be acceptable. So, it’s better to prefer the tracks with the highest pool available.

In the app, you will also find a guide for beginners to horse racing. If you don’t know certain terms or you don’t know how to bet, the guide will help you a lot. It explains analytically how horse racing betting works and the types of races you will find available. Also, you will see all kinds of odds and also the types of bets you can wager on.

Lastly, at the bottom of the app, you will find a section called “Picks”. If you enter, you will see many proposals on horses from professional tipsters and picks ready to be bet on. It’s an easy way for someone who wants to start betting on horse racing to do so. Also, it is a great feature since you can get second opinions about your own picks.

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